Full Stride stance control KAFO from becker

The FullStride is a mechanical stance control orthotic knee joint that utilizes a low-profile cabling system to automatically unlock at the end of stance phase. At the end of swing phase, when the orthotic knee joint reaches full extension, the locking mechanism re-engages to provide knee stability for stance phase.

Traditional KAFO's only lock in full extension, which provides lower limb stability, but also causes patients to ambulate with gait deviations that may lead to other problems over time. Since traditional KAFO's do not allow for knee flexion while the patient is ambulating, they also require more energy to use. Stance control orthoses (SCO's) on the other hand, allow the patient's knee to flex during the swing phase of gait and block flexion in stance phase for stability. An SCO's ability to provide knee flexion during swing phase allows patients to walk with less effort and a more symmetrical gait pattern.

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