Orthotics, commonly called braces, are devices used to correct, support or replace musculoskeletal functions lost as a result of injury or congenital irregularity.

They are also used for prevention of deformities. At KARE we use the latest in high tech, lightweight components incorporated into precision fitting orthoses to achieve the best possible fit available. In addition, we also employ computer aided design/manufacturing (CAD/CAM) and microprocessor technologies, when appropriate.

Orthotics at KARE begins with a one-on-one consultation with the clinician and includes evaluation, recommendations, treatment, education and rehabilitation.

Our practitioner’s major role is to design and fit custom made orthotic devices. Our Team is dedicated to provide patients with the most effective orthotic solutions. We are continually working to advance the care of orthotics through research and education.

Our Orthotic practitioner creates a range of precise, custom fit devices from complex bracing systems to spinal orthosis, neck orthosis, diabetic shoes, cranial helmets etc.

Treatments and services at KARE encompass pediatrics, adults, cranium, spine, upper and lower extremity, etc.

Custom Orthosis

Prefabricated Orthosis


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