Prosthetic Foot

Proprio foot

Proflex Pivot

Rush H2o

Proflex LP align

Proflex XC Torsion

Proflex LP

Rush Hi pro


Aspire Foot

Balance Foot

Breeze Foot

Prosthetic Knee

Power Knee

Rheo knee XC

Rheo Knee

MAUCH Knee Plus

Total Knee 2100

Total Knee 2000

Hydeal-2 Polycentric & Hydraulic knee

Victor Pneumatic knee

Pediatric Prosthesis

Pediatric Prosthesis

Cheetah Xplore Junior

Prosthetic Hand

I limb Quantum

Taska Hand

Prosthetic Finger and Partial Hand

I Digit Quantum

Prosthetic Elbow

Espire Pro

Prosthetic Innovation

Raize Microprocesor

Proprio Foot


Power Knee

Symbionic® Leg 3 from Ossur

I Limb Quantum

Taska Hand

Elevated Vacuum System


Paediatric Orthosis

Cranial remolding Helmets



Prefab Orthotics- Ankle and Foot

Ankle and Foot

Prefab Orthotics- Knee

Unloader one

Unloader one

Unloader one

CTi®Knee Brace

Paradigm knee brace

Rebound PCL Knee brace

Rebound Dual knee brace

Prefab Orthotics- Spine

Miami LSO

Miami TLSO 464

Miami Posteo

Orthotics - Innovation

SPL2 Stance
Controlled KAFO

Full Stride Stance Control
KAFO From Becker

Walkaide FES Systems
For Foot Drop

Saebo Flex

Foot Care & Diabetic Solutions

Wound Healing Shoes

Wound Healing Shoes

Peg Assist

Forefoot offloading shoes


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