SPL2 Stance controlled KAFO

Swing Phase Lock 2 Orthotic Knee Joint

Functional limitation: Muscle strength
Intended use: quadriceps insufficiency

The Swing Phase Lock 2 is the ideal knee joint system for orthoses for quadriceps insufficiency (complete or partial failure of the knee extension function).

Product Functionalities:

  • Unlocks during Swing Phase
  • Locks during Stand Phase prior to heel contact
  • 3 operation modes: Automatic Lock/Unlock, Manual Lock, Free Motion
  • Benefits in achieving therapy goals
  • Walking stability for the patient
  • Less energy consumption
  • No circumduction
  • No hip hiking

Swing Phase Lock 2
Orthotic Knee Joint

Swing Phase Lock 2


  • Automatic Lock/Unlock
  • Manual Lock
  • Manual Unlock
  • Free motion

Indications / Diagnoses:

  • Apoplexy (CVA) (ICD10: I64)
  • Multiple sclerosis (ICD10: G35)
  • Myopathy (ICD10: G72.9)
  • Paralysis (ICD10: G83.9)
  • Paresis (peripheral) (ICD10: G83.9)
  • Poliomyelitis (ICD10: A80)

Contra indications:

  • Flexion contracture > 10° (for bilateral joint) (ICD10: M24.59)
  • Flexion contracture > 5° (for monolateral joint) (ICD10: M24.59)
  • Hip contracture (ICD10: M24.59)
  • Spasm (ICD10: R25.2)
  • Tubersit orthosis
  • Valgus failure position (with monolateral joint) (ICD10: M21.00/Q74.9)
  • Varus failure position (with monolateral joint) (ICD10: M21.10/Q74.9)

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