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Hi, I am SunirjharPande and I live in Berhampore, Murshidabad, West Bengal. I am one of the happiest customers of KARE Prosthetics & Orthotics. It is really an honour to get the opportunity of tying up with this type of institution.

It is really an honour to get the opportunity of tying up with this type of institution. Their cooperation, kindnessand service are really marvellous. I am very much glad to get their help.Now my life become easier to live with the KAFO made by KARE-Kolkata team. So, thank you KARE for your support and help.


I Alok Kr. Sinha, presently working in TATA STEEL JSR as senior office associate cum PA to Chief. I met with an accident in TATA STEEL JSR in 2016 and lost my right leg below knee.

But with the appreciable support of TATA STEEL and excellent prosthetic service by Mr.Jayraj Singh, now I am able to do any job that a person can do with his sound legs. I can walk speedily, can drive two and four-wheeler and fluently using stairs easily. I have become a fan of the service that I got from my prosthetist - Mr.JayrajSingh. They have micro observing skill that you are facing during the use of prosthetic limb.


I, Omar Faruq, father of Faiyadh. My son is suffering from SMA type 2. Because of this problem he could not sit up straight.

After using a supportive brace for his spine from KARE he is now able to sit straight. This is really helpful to keep my son’s body structure perfect.

Co-Founder, Cure SMA Foundation of India

My daughter is suffering from spinal muscular atrophy and is using TLSO and AFO’s from KARE.

I recommend KARE for its quality of orthoses and compassionate staff. Must mention after service.


Mera Naam Uday Kumar hai. Mai West Bengal ka pahla aisa ladka hun jisne 91% disability hone kebavjudbhi 1 salmein 42 Marathon complete Kiya.Mera accident hone ke bad main Chalne ka bhi ummid khodiya tha.

Tabhi jab main artificial leg ke bare meinpatakarrahatha to merimulakatJayraj Singh Sir se hui. Unhone mujhe apne jindagi mein kuchh naya karne ke liye prerit kiya. Jairaj Sir aur KARE ke taraph se mujhehar tarah ka support aurservices mil rahahaiaurisisupport se mai har ek activities kar pa raha hu auraagebhikarunga.
(English Translation) Hello I am Uday kumar. Above Knee amputee with 91% disability. I do a simple job and is associated with sports activities. In 1 year, I have completed almost 42 Marathons for which I am extremely happy. After my accident I lost my leg above the knee, I completely lost all Hope's and never thought of walking again. When I was enquiring about prosthetic leg, I met Jay Raj Singh sir, who helped me to gain confidence mentally and inspired me. In today's time I get all sort of supportand services from KARE team and Jay Raj sir and I am able to perform all types of activities and will continue doing the same in the future.


Prosthetics & Orthotics helped me with the entire process. He came over to my place to take the measurements for the device and have been very helpful thereafter. He kept me updated about the device during its making.

I was probably one the first few customers of the branch at Kolkata. Sumit from the team, managed to deliver the decide asap even though the centre was new and had just opened. I am able to walk normally with the CROW walker device now. Thanks to Kare Prosthetic and team.


Hi, I am KABERI mother of TONIKA. My daughter has GDD with Hypotonia. Now her walking is much better with help of this device (SMO).

So thanks a lot for this SMO (KARE).


One thing that impressed me about KARE is their dedicated teamwork with families and child’s therapist in bringing about mobility solutions.

They offer wide range of products and impeccable after sales visits and services. If you are looking for a high-quality product, KARE is the place to go.
I am Sweta, mother of Mridul and my son has CP. He has trouble standing, walking and holding up himself. The AFO’s have really helped him get a balance and has corrected his posture. He now can stand for few seconds and walk with support and is very comfortable in it.


It's good n useful SMO for my baby. I have just started using the SMO for baby for last 1 month.

Thank you KAREProsthetics and Orthotics , Kolkata n waiting for 100% useful for my baby. With regards - Sandeep (my son’s name is Samrat)


Urjaswati is using the KARE orthosis since last 6 years.Her degeneration has been controlled by the KARE product.

Kare consists of highly qualified officials with the highest level of efficiency which helped us and gave my daughter the most effective & comfortable Orthosis.
The KARE official is so dedicated that they even fly to our doorstep from Bangalore to rectify one TLSO which was delivered sometime before but not felt comfortable to my daughter. We always suggest everyone to go to KARE for such requirements.
Uttiya Roy Choudhury & Lopamudra Roy Choudhury, Parents of Urjaswati.
Urjaswati Roy Choudhury has received:
1. State Award for the Best creative child in 2016.
2. National Award for Best creative child in Singing In 2018.
3. Also received the Little champion of the State Award In 2019.


Hi,I am Jagan, user of Above knee prosthesis fitted from KARE, Chennai. Reached to an extent where am almost independent with my artificial leg

Their solutions matched my concerns deeply and different options with trials provided to feel which is best for my leg conditions. Thanks to them.


As an athlete, lots of challenges was faced with my severely complicated below knee limb. It is well managed by KARE expertise providing different levels of training to make me run again

Won state level competitions and preparing myself for Paralympics. Big salute to the entire team to provide a running blade in an affordable price as well.


Dear KARE Prosthetics Team, You have a good imagination and have come up with some of the most creative ideas. Your, commitment and patience helped me to come back to normal life.

Thank you very much. Special thanks to Mr. Pradeep for your dedication, patience and creativity in fitting my i limb hand as per my convenience and comfort.
Really appreciated.


Lying on a bed in an isolated ward in some hospital, lost in thoughts somewhere between what is my future & how will I walk from tomorrow @2;

I had to take one very important decision so that I get the best prosthetic centre and best trainer to make me walk again as before!! Who wouldn’t dream that; isn’t it!! So out of all, I opted Kare Prosthetic & Orthotics, Bangalore for 2 reasons....They understood my requirements and suggested me what I deserve considering all other factors in the very first visit...Secondly you get wide variety options here and also they are well-versed with components... Mr Sarva & Mr Pradeep Kumar totally helped me in every way possible from that 1st day till date...Thanx for making me believe I am worth to be a brand ambassador today.

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