What we do

KARE is a state of the art Prosthetic and Orthotic clinic committed to provide International quality Prostheses, Orthoses& Mobility aid solutions to people with disabilities.

Our clinicians are experienced, qualified and passionate to help patients lead a better quality of life. Simply put, we customize treatment for patients to help them reach their goals according to their needs and comfort.

Prosthetists provide solutions to amputees or those who are born with a deficiency. They are specially trained healthcare providers who evaluate, design, fabricate, fit and provide gait training for a prosthesis/artificial limb. Prosthetic devices are custom designed for their anatomy and individualized fit.

Orthotists are specially trained healthcare professionals who evaluate, measure, design, fabricate, fit, adjust, train and do periodic follow ups of foot orthoses, custom footwear and orthotic braces. They work with doctors or physical therapists to develop and implement a treatment plan for each patient’s needs.

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